This is It Equals. It’s a place for thinking, discussion, and critically unpicking the power structures that govern our place in the world.

Language builds power structures. The way we use it defines who we are, what we think, and how we consider everything else around us. It also establishes norms, which are easy to take as ‘the way things are’, just because that’s the way it is. That’s why it’s important to step back and look at what we think we know, and the words we use to describe it.

We want to get people talking about big issues and ideas in terms of their atomic structure. Feminism, discrimination, culture, arts, and what we see in media. The words we see in newspapers. The words we watch fall out of character’s mouths in film. The words we wish we had to describe, and take control of a situation.


My name is Mon. I’m an Aussie-born, London-living writer, digital content person, and generally loud woman.

It Equals was an idea that always lived in the back of my mind, but came to the fore thanks to a few specific incidences of ‘everyday’ sexism. It was just enough to push me over the edge and try to start some constructive dialogue about why some people think it’s okay to say and do certain things.

Some words I’ve said and things I’ve done have been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, and The Times (Raconteur is a Times supplement).

I’m also the blog editor for UK feminist site The F-Word.

I have just launched an educational website that addresses the taboos that surround women’s health. It’s called The Femedic, check it out.


Have something to say, a story you want covered, or a story you want to tell? Drop me line and tell me all about it:

If you’d like to contribute, introduce yourself along with a brief article pitch. I can’t promise I’ll publish everything I get, but if your idea’s good, I’ll make sure you know it.

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